Hello world! My name is Katie, (it’s just Katie, it’s not short for anything) and I’m pretty handy with a pen.

After a long and arduous backstory, I found myself at a point in life where I needed some sort of emotional outlet. So I picked up a pencil and started drawing.

I was pretty rough starting out. I had next to none artistic experience. But I practiced and practiced and eventually got what I’d like to think as pretty darn good.

And then I found hand lettering.

I’ve always enjoyed aesthetically pleasing things, and hand lettering ticked all of the boxes for me. It was pretty, and could be simple or really intricate, and also still had elements of drawing and doodling.

That’s how I got into making cards (or ‘K’ards) for people! I started by just making them for friends and family, but then word got around. After a few instagram posts, people began to offer to pay for the cards I make.

And that brings us to now! Currently I am just taking requests through my email, but I am hoping to open an Etsy shop in the very near future!