Birthday ‘K’ards!

Birthday ‘K’ards!

the ‘k’ard featured above was for my mum’s coworker who loves to travel with her pup!

The main kind of ‘k’ards I make are birthday ones! Most of the time I make them for friends and family, and everyone’s favourite part of their gifts are the ‘k’ards they get! I make them personalized for each person, and I think that’s what makes them so special 🙂

I always try to pick a theme with an interest that is close to the birthday person’s heart, and is also super fun! For example, it’s my boyfriends birthday today (it actually is, happy 21st Devin!!) and he looooves his cartoons. So, I made him a super cute cartoon theme card.

If you know who that little creature is we can definitely be friends 😉

So yeah that’s mainly what I do!

Birthday ‘k’ards is where I got my start, and I will always enjoy making special ‘k’ards for the celebration of peoples loved ones!

If you’re interested in a birthday ‘k’ard head to the contact page! E-mail or Instagram DM’s are the best way to reach me!

– <3 Katie

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