Peer Review One

Peer Review One

Pam Katsikerou has created a really innovated site that promotes beauty awareness and consciousness. The glittery, eye-catching header is what first drew my attention to the site.

The font is elegant, which alludes to the beauty content of the blog. My suggestion to make this stand out more is to add a different element to the font. I would suggest a shadowing or a stronger, capitalized font. Because the background is quite busy, the brand of the website is slightly overshadowed by the glitter.

The sub headers are clearly labelled and the content within them are relevant to the titles.

Pam is an awesome writer and her blog posts are an interesting read if you’re wanting to improve your beauty routine. The post about Olaplex hair products was filled with great advice, and as well as truthful comments.

I find that I always struggle with trusting online sources about brands they support, because I’m never sure if they actually use the products or are just getting paid through a brand deal. Which is why I enjoy Pam’s site so much. The authenticity is something that the internet is starved of, and I’m really excited to see this site progress as she establishes her brand.

If you’re looking for some great lifestyle tips and tricks, “the beauty bar” is the website for you. Pam is friendly with her writing and gives honest reviews of products. Head on over there and give it a read!

– <3 Katie

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