Peer Review Two

Peer Review Two

For my second peer review, Zeh Daruwalla’s site, is at first glance a super aesthetically pleasing space.

The black and white photography of what is a familiar landscape to me opens the site to a clean and sophisticated feed.

The drop down menus are easy to navigate through posts, social media, and contact information.

I really like the set up and aesthetic, the scroll-ability is great. I like that it’s snippets of articles, and the reader can choose to go into more detail, or keep scrolling. My one recommendation would be to create a warmer space, because it’s currently very cold in terms of font and colour scheme. But that’s just my personal taste, I’m sure the modern day downtown hipster would love the site.

Go check out his site if you want to see some really awesome photography of the beautiful Vancouver landscape

-<3 Katie

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